Black Bantha Guildlead

Keku Raa

species:  Human
class: Imperial Agent – Sniper
member since 20.12.2011

Track down and eliminate – ambush and striking from the distance is her strength – trained for infiltration, highly specialised on use of poison and precise weapons.

Once known as Cipher Nine, a most promising agent, she managed to keep her own mind tough not to question too much. But when the unthinkable happened and the Dark Council dissolved Imperial Intelligence she outsmarted the Sith to get that unwanted identity removed from every database in the galaxy.

Now equipped with her own starship and her unusual crew, Keku is now deciding concerns of the Empire on her own. An uncontrolled assassin, passionately looking for the next lethal task.

More than one time brainwashed, she does not bother to remember childhood or family. On the job, Keku is almost perfectly unemotional but sometimes oddly volatile and forgiving, especially regarding her companions.

Meanwhile Keku is enjoying hedonistic lifestyle on her private Nar Shaddaa sky palace. This so-called Smuggler’s Moon orbits Hutta, homeworld of the Hutt Cartel. A huge city of corruption, money and information – the perfect place to hide in proper style. Althought she chose this moon for home, she despises the Hutts. Most time business brings them into the game, they disappear or die somehow by accident … Oops !


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