4.3 PTS Patch Notes - Megaservers ?

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4.3 PTS Patch Notes


New Warzone:
Odessen Proving Ground! Train with other mixed-faction Alliance teams by vying
for control of multiple capture points in this new Odessen-based Warzone! Use power
ups to turn the battle in your favor! (PTS Note: Only Odessen Proving Ground and Rishi
Cove Arena are available in the PvP Queue).

New Warzone Arena:
Rishi Cove Arena! This new Warzone Arena hosts 4v4 Deathmatches in both Ranked
and Unranked queues. (PTS Note: Only Odessen Proving Ground and Rishi Cove Arena
are available in the PvP Queue).

New Gameplay Focus Areas!
Both PvP and PvE instances are now available on any server, allowing friends
who prefer any gameplay type to play together on the same server.
Players can toggle their focus via the mini-map icon.

Unlock additional Strongholds!
You can now activate all 5 Strongholds for use by your Legacy!

More Flagship Decorations!
Players can now place up to 300 Decorations (+50%) on their Guild Flagship!

Common Decoration limits have been increased to 999 (up from 50).
Limited Decorations have not been changed.
Guilds can now have up to 1000 members (up from 500).
Players can now add a single space in their character name, e.g. “Satele Shan.”
Maximum Character name length has been increased to 20 (up from 16).
When using the “/who” command, if there are less than 10 results, the results
are returned to the chat window instead of opening the “/who” interface.
This behavior can be changed in Preferences.


Megaservers Rumors

Hey folks,

By the term “Megaservers” I presume you think we are collapsing multiple servers together into “megaservers.”
Especially with many of the quality of life features you highlighted. These changes were only designed to allow friends
to play together, regardless of their personal playstyle. Now someone who wants to play on a PvP server can play on the
same server as their friends who don’t want to.

Hope that clears up any confusion.



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