Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes

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 Jun 28, 2016 - hot news

The GEMINI Deception

Game Update 4.6, June 28

Servers will be unavailable from 5.00 AM to 9.00 AM PDT
(14.00h – 18.00 h CET)


Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception!
Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet!
Players subscribed on June 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for
all other Subscribers on June 30th.

New Event: Dark vs. Light!
Join a galactic event and choose between the dark side and the light side to earn epic rewards in
celebration of SWTOR’s 5-year anniversary!

New Character Perks!
Portable Cargo Hold, Portable Legacy Cargo Hold, and Companion Gift use time reduction
– see below for full details!

Relics of the Gree is back!
The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: The Relics of the Gree Event
is back! From June 28th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST to July 5th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST,
Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand!

Bounty Contract Week Returns!
Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins July 12th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST
and ends July 19th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST.


Flashpoints + Operations

False Emperor
Fixed an issue where Prototype A-15 and Prototype B-16 would periodically be able to kill players in one shot
despite following the mechanics of the fight correctly.

Items + Economy

Sniper’s Ambush visual effect now lines up properly with the Arvanite Professional Sniper Rifle
and the Revanite Field Tech Sniper Rifles.

Missions + NPCs



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