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 Nov 06, 2016 - guides


Welcome to Black Bantha Guides

The latest swtor expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire
brings a lot of changes into the game. A completely redesigned Companion system,
a new kind of Flashpoint, many new (hidden) achievements and rewards…
That’s why we decided to create guides for everything that could be interesting if you play swtor 4.0.

Black Bantha is a raiding guild in the first. (We used to be a pve progress guild, as long as
there was something to progress… but that’s another story;) The guides you find on our website
is a kind of “add-on” for the remaining community, for newcomers as well as for all players
coming back to check out the new story-based content.

Black Bantha guides will not bother you with ads or pop-ups. Our content is regularly updated
and tested. Check it out and give us feedback.



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