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While you were frozen in carbonite, much has happened in the 5 years you’ve been gone.
When you awake, you quickly learn that Empire/Republic as you have known it, have all fallen.
Your old crew is scattered across the galaxy and dropped out of contact.

Opposing the might of the Eternal Empire is not something that you can do alone.
So one of your major goals will be to find new Companions and reunite with old Friends
to build a strong Alliance to defeat the enemy.

Introducing the Alliance

Your Alliance consists of Followers and Contacts. They differ in many ways:
recruiting, combat role, crafting, Influence and gifts.


They can all be summoned via Alliance Window and they are all full combat-capable.

Followers are full combat and crafting-capable.

Special Companions >Special Companion Guide<
They will also show up in your Alliance Window as Follower. They are full combat-capable
but not crafting-capable. 


They can not be summoned via Alliance Window and they are not crafting or combat-capable.

Alliance Recruits

Alliance Specialists


Live and let die – Companions you can kill

Tanno Vik
You meet Tanno Vik in Chapter 6. You can’t recruit him right now, but you have the choice to kill him or settle things peacefully.
(keeping him alive will be probably the requirement to recruit him in the future). Irrespective of your decision
he will not appear in your Alliance Window.

Sana-Rae, will sent you out to recruit Xalek in Chapter 9. You have the opportunity to kill, reject or recruit him.
Killing (or otherwise refuse his recruitment) him will be rewarded with the Hidden Achievement “Rejected”.

Kaliyo Djannis aka Firebrand
You get the option to exile or kill her in Chapter 13 – if she disobeyed your orders and you did’t allow her to help
Aric Jorgan at end of Chapter 12. (Choose punishment in the last dialog)

Aric Jorgan
You get the option to exile or kill him in Chapter 13 – if he disobeyed your orders and you did’t allow him to help
Aric Jorgan at end of Chapter 12. (Choose punishment in the last dialog)


New Alliance Window



Companion Changes

The old Companion System will be replaced by your new Alliance
Completing Knights of the fallen Empire Chapter I will remove the old Companion System.
All your former Companions and Relationships are past (except HK-51 and Treek if you unlocked them before).
You are able to use the Companion Locator Terminal to recall your old Companions as soon as you completed Chapter VIII.
With Chapter IX you will get the chance to expand your Alliance. >Black Bantha Companion Recruiting Guide<

Changed Companion Roles
All combat-capable Companions have now a heal, tank or damage role. You can change the role
via dropdown in the Alliance window as well as the Companion window.

Old Companion Tradeskill bonuses removed
The old bonuses were nice but sometimes became problematic when the correct crafting choice also happened to be the
Companion you most wanted to have with you. So all previous crafting bonuses to Crew Skill performance are removed
and they now gain new bonuses based on their rank.

Influence, rank & gift Changes

“Influence” is replacing Companion “Affection”
With Game Update 4.0, Companions will no longer have “Affection”, they will instead have “Influence”.
The Affection that a player has gained with each of their Companions will be converted into Influence,
1:1. Max influence is now rank 50 which requires a total of 250k influence.

What’s the difference between Affection and Influence?
Affection was a measure of how much a Companion likes you. Influence works as a measure of the total impact
that you’ve had upon a person. When you make decisions with a Companion, whether that Companion approves
or disapproves, you will still build Influence with them. Gaining Influence does not mean that the character
necessarily likes you more, or that they don’t disagree with your decisions.

Influence directly increases Companion power
Influence kind of works like “relationship XP” with your Companion. As you build Influence with a Companion,
your Influence rank will increase. Every time a Companion’s Influence ranks up, that Companion gains a scaling bonus
to Presence (which increases Companion damage, healing, and health) as well as bonuses to crew skill time efficiency
and critical rate.

Gift changes
Companion Gifts still work but they now grant Influence instead of Affection. They’ll now grant more Influence
than they would have granted Affection. Gifts of a given rank will last much longer before their values
start degrading, and they now degrade more slowly. There are new Legendary rank 6 gifts available and
in addition, two new kinds of companions gifts are available: Delicacies and Maintenance.
>Black Bantha Companion Influence Guide<



Alliance Camp Headquaters


Special Goods Vendors


1. Research & Development Droid – Data Crystal Exchanger- Research Laboratory


>check out how to activate R&D Droid Groove<


2. Gwhirrye Nekor – Black Market Goods Vendor – Underworld Logistics

3. Alliance Vehicle Vendor – Criax Thane – Military Hangar

gravestone-Scout-SsoopRoche-KretchRoche-Gangster Roche-Molator Roche-Shaclaw  Zakuul-Cloud-CruiserZakuulan-Interceptor

Imperial Data Crystal Exchanger

Defiant Armor (216 rating) – Glowing Data Crystals and Outlander Armor (208 rating) – Common Data Crystals
(also available on the Imperial Fleet: Vaiken Spacedock, Supply Sector)


1. Alex Dei (Imperial Agent) – Data Crystal Exchanger Research Laboratory
alex-Dei-Licoli defiant-agent outlander-agent

2. Raab Rannon (Sith Inquisitor) – Data Crystal Exchanger Research Laboratory
Raab-Rannon defiant-inquisitor outlander-inquisitor

3. Mekus Drin (Bounty Hunter) – Data Crystal Exchanger Underworld Logistics
Mekus-Drin defiant-bountyhunter outlander-bountyhunter

4. Nica Leross (Sith Warrior) – Data Crystal Exchanger Military Hangar
Nica-Leross defiant-warrior outlander-warior


Republic Data Crystal Exchanger

Defiant Armor (216 rating) – Glowing Data Crystals and Outlander Armor (208 rating) – Common Data Crystals
(also available on the Imperial Fleet: Carrick Station, Supply Sector)


1. Mykal Moreeno (Smuggler) – Data Crystal Exchanger Research Laboratory
mykal-Mareeno defiant-smuggler outlander-smuggler

2. Sergant-Miller (Trooper) – Data Crystal ExchangerResearch Laboratory
Sergant-Miller defiant-trooper outlander-trooper

3. Trel-Nu (Jedi Consular) – Data Crystal ExchangerForce Enclave
Trel-Nu definat-consular outlander-consular

4. Grayda-Paro (Jedi Knight) – Data Crystal ExchangerForce Enclave
Grayda-Paro defiant-knight outlander-knight

Private Room



Commander’s Datapad
Commander’s Datapad is a mission pad that gives you rewards for reaching certain Influence ranks
with each Alliance Specialist. You will get an initial quest for each section of the Alliance Headquarters and
receive 10 Common, 5 Glowing, 1 Radiant Crystal and one Gift of choice.

Reaching Alliance Specialists Influence rank 2, 4, 6,  8 … you will get another set of quests, 20 Common,
10 Glowing  and 5 Radiant Data Crystals and some rank 6 legendary gifts.



Companion Locator Terminal – call back Classic Companions
When you were frozen in carbonite your companions scattered across the galaxy and dropped out of contact.
Much has happened in the 5 years you’ve been gone. Your companions may still be out there somewhere.

Using this terminal is not supported by the story nor will it have an impact on your story.
You can regain access to your old companions after you have finished Chapter VIII. Just interact with the terminal.



Alliance Specialists

In Chapter IX “The Alliance” you get introduced to the Alliance Specialists.
Recruiting them will unlock a lot more Companion quests.

Beywan-AygoBeywan Aygo  – Military Hangar
Bey’wan Aygo was a Bothan Fleet Admiral of the Republic Navy during the Cold War and Galactic War.
He was born to artistic parents, but decided to practice interstellar combat instead. He distinguished himself
at the Battle of Kuat. After the defeat of the Republic at the hands of the Eternal Empire, he joined the Alliance
on the planet Odessen as its military specialist.

Hylo-ViszHylo Visz – Underworld Logistics
Hylo Visz is best known as the pilot responsible for breaking the Mandalorian Blockade of Hydian Way.
She was born on the Colonies world of Balmorra, but later became a refugee when the Empire raided the planet.
Hylo was left to fend for herself as an orphan. In her youth she was working as a mechanic in the Hutt Cartel’s shipyards
in Nar Shaddaa’s Undercity. Hylo soon discovered that her true calling was piloting and returned to a life of crime
until Theron Shan lured her into working for the Alliance.

Juvard-Illip-OggurobbJuvard Illip Oggurobb – Research Laboratory
Oggurobb is a masculine Hutt who became a scientist and an inventor, uncommon for Hutts, a species
whose members usually become crime lords. He made several major advances in droid engineering.
Oggurobb also appeares to be very self-assured and calles himself an artist. He joined the Alliance to contribute
his scientific expertise.

Sana-RaeSana-Rae – Force Enclave
Sana-Rae is a Voss Mystic and powerful Force seer. In a society that’s naturally suspicious of Outsiders,
it’s rare for a Voss citizen to leave their homeworld. While Voss Mystics are normally uninterested in Sith and Jedi
philosophies, Sana-Rae joined the Alliance with an open mind, accepting her change. Her vision showed an Enclave
of Force users who walk a variety of paths, share knowledge and grow stronger by gaining an understanding from their differences.

Alliance Influence & Rewards

4 different Supply Crates – how to earn Influence
Influence with these Companions don’t work with the usual companion gifts. You will gain influence with
special locked supply crates, also available at the Odessen Market at Silas Fleetfire for Common Data Crystals.
Each supply crate will earn you 500 influence.

4 differnt Commander’s Share of the loot – Influence Reward
If you bring them supply crates, they will give you back a Commander’s Share of the loot.
This crate contains legacy gear, companion gifts, and mounts.



Odessen is located in the Unknown Regions A world with significant oceans and mountainous continents.
It has a mild climate and a variety of native wildlife among its forested terrain. Its strong connection to The Force
is uniquely balanced, unlike Tython, Korriban or Yavin 4 making it well suited for Jedi and Sith to coexist.
Lana Beniko discovered this planet for use as the base of operations for The Alliance against the Eternal Empire.

odessen-galaxy-map odessen-base

Landing Site Mission Terminals

odessen-landing missions

1. Star Fortress Weekly Mission Terminal
2. Star Fortress Flashpoint

3. Priority Mission Terminal
4. Operation Terminal
5. Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal
6. PVP Mission Terminal

7. Priority Mission Terminal
8. Operation Terminal
9. Weekly Heroic Mission Terminal
10. PVP Mission Terminal

Odessen Cantina Impression



Odessen Market Special Goods & Services

Supplies Droid – Crew Skill Trade Vendor

odessen-supplies-droid-map supplies-droid

Silas Fleetfire – Smuggled Supplies Vendor


Other Services

odessen-market-other-services galactic-market Appearance-Designer

1. Guid Bank Access
2. Cargo Hold Access
3. Galactic Market Kiosk
4. Appearance Designer

Odessen Market Radiant Gear Vendors

Imperial Vendors
Non set Adaptive Armor (220 rating) – Radiant Data Crystals
(also available on the Imperial Fleet: Vaiken Spacedock, Supply Sector)


1. Lord Ra’vek – Sith Inquisitor Gear Vendor
Lord-Ra'vek inquisitor-gear

2. Boulder Brolok – Bounty Hunter Gear Vendor
Boulder-Brolok bounty-hunter-gear

3. Joal Torviss – Sith Warrior Gear Vendor
Joal-Torviss warrior-gear

4. Xenospecialist Marvon – Imperial Agent Gear Vendor
xenospecialist-Marvon agent-gear

Republic Vendors
Non set set Adaptive Armor (220 rating) – Radiant Data Crystals
(also available on the Republic Fleet: Vaiken Spacedock, Supply Sector)


1. Master Jorol – Jedi Consular Gear Vendor
Master-Jorol inquisitor-gear

2. Major Yussa – Trooper
Major-Yussa bounty-hunter-gear

3. Permon Trel – Jedi Knight Gear Vendor
Permon-Trel warrior-gear

4. Vin’chen Zoo – Smuggler Gear Vendor
Vin'chen-Zo agent-gear



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