Livestream 4.0 Chapter 1

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 Sep 12, 2015 - hot news

Developers and some guest streamers will be showing off Chapter 1

“Don’t miss the dramatic opening of the Outlander storyline and prepare to embark
on an iconic story-driven adventure your choices determine the fate the galaxy!”


The Hunt – Bioware playthrough-promoting going on …
Why is Bioware giving us more story spoilers, the only thing we haven’t asked for,
and the primary thing they said they wouldn’t do!

Thursday, Sep. 25th – Friday, Sep. 26th
10AM – 6PM PDT / 5PM – 1AM GMT (19.00-3.00 h CET)

SWTOR Twitch

Guest Streamers: Towelliee, LobosJR, Lulaboo, ZombiUnicorn, LadyInsanity and more!
This should promise the next time they dont look like complete amateurs.
But I wonder how the guest streamers are able to play it?
Seems to be there is an early closed test access.