Special Companions Guide

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Special Companions

Special Companions came out with the release of Knights of the Fallen Empire.
There are two categories: Creatures and Droids. Both are a little bit different
than our usual companions – more like a combat pet with special abilities and needs.


How to get a Special Companion

Special Companions are cartel market exclusive and only available via cartel packs. They are very rare.
If you are unlucky with your packs, you still have the chance to get them at the GTN. The packs
won’t contain the Companions themselves but a “Handler License” or an “Operation Requisition“.
These items will unlock a mission leading you to the Cartel Bazaar. Depending on the Item you will have
different conversations.

Afterwards you can call your Special Companions via Alliance Window “N”.
Once you have your Companions in your Collection you can unlock them Legacy wide with 400 Cartel Coins.

Require a “Handler License”.
This item unlocks a mission leading you to the Cartel Bazaar
to Beastmaster Ricmar (Imperial Fleet) or Beastmaster Morel (Republic Fleet).
Speak to them to get your special Companion with Influence rank 1.

Require an “Operator Requisition.
This item unlocks a mission leading you to the Cartel Bazaar to
Droid Technician Phre’ne (Imperial Fleet) or Droid Technican Jowmaac (Republic Fleet).
Speak to them to get your special Companion with Influence rank 1.

Location Empire

Location Republic
rep-vendor-fleet-maprep-vendor-map republic-fleet-vendors



The Akk Dog (Underworld Alliance Pack)

akk-dog akkdog

(Lvl. 5), “Play Dead” (Lvl. 10)

Customization “Jungle”:
akk-dog-jungle-customisation akk-dog-jungle-customisation-scream

Akk Dogs are scaled reptomammals with triangular teeth in jaws, strong enough to crush durasteel.
They have a large black tongue, a scaly hide that could block a lightsaber and armored, lidless eyes.
It is said that “If you run from a pack of Akk Dogs, they will chase you until you’re dinner. But if you stand
firm and look the lead dog in the eye, they will ignore you out of respect.” Akk dogs are Force-sensitive,
able to form a Force bond with their master. They are great Companions, perfect eligible for protection.


The Nexu (Strategy Alliance Pack)

Nexu nexu

“Play Dead” (Lvl. 5) (cats seem to have their own way to take orders;) “Preen” (Lvl. 10)

Customization “Coastal”:
nexu-coastal-customization nexu-coastal-customization-preen

The Nexu appear to be feline in nature, with sharp claws. They have an additional set of eyes able to view
in infrared wavelength, which aids in their hunting. Nexu are 4.5 meters long and generally 1 meter tall.
They have spikes along their back, and a long tail that in the wild allows the Nexu to swing from tree branch
to tree branch. They have extremely sharp instincts and reflexes, although they are known to tire easily,
and often use swift movements to finish an enemy quickly, biting down and thrashing their head about
to break their victim’s neck.


K’lor’slug Soldier (Disavowed Pack)


Can do no Tricks

Worm-like creatures with pincer legs and gaping circular maws filled with rings of teeth.
They are among the most dangerous species on Korriban. Not only can they shear a man
in half or swallow him whole, they can project their vile, venomous spit great distances.
Hatched from eggs, laid hundreds at a time by their queens and blessed with a short
incubation period, these hideous monsters can infest and overrun an area in no time.


Ginx (Plunder’s Pack)

ginx  ginx-3 ginx2

Can do no Tricks

The Ginx is mostly uncharted. They were classified as harmless amphibians, although they
share a family tree with the more aggressive Vrakes. They are unarmed but very curious.
A large population of Ginx can be found around the marshes of Makeb, smaller groups live
scattered all over Yavin 4. Another dark green variety was common amid the Endless Swamp
of Zakuul. However, a handler can form a strong bond with their Ginx and train them to perform
multiple tasks in different combat roles.


Bogstalker (Gemini Alliance Pack)

Bogstalker bogstalker-on-taris bogstalker-on-taris2

Can do no Tricks

Your bogstalker Companion is wearing a kolto helm that will allow it to aid you in combat. The bogstalker
is one of many ancient species from the planet Taris’s prehistory, bevore the Jedi Civil War.
After the planets bombardment, they appeared again on the planet devastated surface. It turned out that
these remarkably creatures had survived for millennia beneath Taris’s sprawling undercity. They could be seen
flying around the planet’s toxic swamps. The pollution from Taris’s destroyed industries made the bogstalker
more resilient and mutated its flesh. Now they are poisonous to most predators, even the voracious rakghouls.



The Probe Droid (Force Alliance Pack)


“Reboot Sequence” (Lvl. 5), “Celebration Sequence” (Lvl. 10)

Customization “Revanite”:

Probe Droids are specifically designed and programmed to perform reconnaissance duties.
These units were often dispatched by various space navies to gather information from a variety of different
locations, reporting anything of significance as defined by specific preprogrammed protocols.
Some models were equipped with weapons.


Personal War bot (Anarchist Pack)

personal Warbotpersonal warbot

Can do just one Trick, “Calibrate” (Level 5)

Personal Warbots are often used for guard duty by various cartel groups. They are programmed with
offensive, defensive and medical protocols.


Q0-77 (Visionary Pack)

Q0-77 Q0-77-companion

Can do no Tricks

The production information data is destroyed. No sources can tell his origins or even
what he’s built of.  A similar type, the QO-99  was built to serve the mercenary unit, to
eliminate any Imperial elements on Makeb.


Annihilator T4-1D (Revenge Pack)

Annihilator T4-1D Annihilator-T4-1D-side Annihilator-T4-1D-back

Can do no Tricks

A perfect battle droid, produced by the Colicoid Creation Nest. Built to protect and destroy. Uses ranged weapons.
Armed with missiles and electro darts, able to fire a precision shot to a target with less than 30 % health.
The T4-1D uses shield technology and electro stasis fields for protection.


ISO-5R (Battler Pack)


Can do no Tricks

coming soon…


Roles, Skills & Special Abilities (Tricks)

Combat Roles
Creatures and Droids have 3 combat roles just like any other Follower – heal, tank or damage.
You can change the role via dropdown in the Alliance window as well as the Companion window.

Abilities & Tricks
Their combat abilities work as usual and scale with their Influence level.
Some have additional Special Abilities called Tricks. Each Companions has it’s own
special tricks reaching influence rank 5 & 10. To activate these tricks open Ability window with “P”.

Crew Skills:
Creatures and Droids are not crafting-capable – they have no Crew Skills and they won’t appear
in your Crew Skill Window.


Influence, Gifts & Customizations

Their Influence rank system work as usual, but they are very particular with gifts. There are old gifts that work,
but they are less effective because they just “like” it. Creatures “like” Military Gear, Droids “like” Technology.

Special Gifts
Our new special Companions prefer new special gifts. Creatures “love” Delicacies and Droids “love” Maintenance.

You can get these new gifts from quest rewards, packs, “Commander’s Share of the loot” crates or you can simply buy
them from the Scrap Peddlers. You find them located at the Cartel Bazaar or you can also use the Decoration Vendors.

There are no legendary Delicacies or Maintenance gifts.


Artifact Material VendorIzzar” –  Spiced Aric Tongue (Creatures), Armor Maintenance (Droids)

Prototype Material Vendor “Mnek”Muja Fruit (Creatures), Routine Maintenance (Droids)

Premium Material Vendor “Hadir” Rare Ghoral Bord Egg, (Creatures), Replacement Parts (Droids)

Delicacies and Maintenance gifts also work for other companions >Companion Gifts & Influence Guide/”Love” List<


Companion Customization Vendor “Tsorkeg” sells cusomizations for 10 purple Java Junk each.
You find him at the Cartel Bazaar on the Fleet next to the Droid Technican.



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