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The Star Fortress is a new Flashpoint added with the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.
(available in Solo or Heroic 2+ Mode with randomized maps)

“Battle for the Stars” is the storyline leading you to the Star Fortress Flashpoint
and gives you the chance to expand your Alliance against the Eternal Empire.


Battle for the Stars Overview

Speak with Miot Dengd inside the Alliance War Room in Odessen

Complete Chapter 9

6 Locations/6 Resistance Fighters:


Battle for the Stars Questline Walktrough



“Bunker Buster”
Destroy all six shield bunkers (Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Voss, Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa) an get the Achievement
as well as the Legacy Title “Bunker Buster”


Star Fortress – Overview

The Star Fortress is a massive battle station orbiting the planets Arcann most wanted under his control.
They are powered by Sun Generators capable of venting their excess plasma onto the planet below.
The threat of instant devastation holds the world populations hostage and serves as an effective warning.

In overall command is the Exarch, a biological and cybernetic enhanced Knight of Zakuul.
The computerized support of the station comes from the use of an EPHEMERIS AI system,
which is able to transfer its functions into a droid form.

Despite their potential, these battle stations have very little external defences…

Lieutenant Marklo/Odessen

Bonus Objectives Rewards (in any mode)

“Aid From Above”
For completing 25 bonus objectives (in any mode) you get the Achievement “Aid from Above” and 20 cartel coins.


Dying in Star Fortress:
This is worth dying – I recommend trying;)


Star Fortress – Solo Mode

Once you have completed the “Battle for the Stars” initial quest, you will unlock the Star Fortress
solo mode for each of the six planets (Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Voss)

There are a set of achievements for killing the Ephermis droid at the end of every Star Fortress
in solo mode. If you complete all of them, you get a legacy title “Physical Backup Unit”.



Star Fortress – Heroic Mode

The heroic Star Fortress isn’t too different from the solo mode until you get to the Ephermis druid.
Instead of fighting the druid, you will encounter two groups of mobs, each with an elite Knight of Zakuul.
Defeating them will allow you to proceed further in with a whole another level to get to the Exarch.

Unlocking Heroic Mode:
Completing the “Battle for the Stars” initial quest will trigger alerts from the resistance contacts.
Talking to the resistance fighters will start a series of quests on each planet and unlocks
the HEROIC 2+ version of the Star Fortress on each planet.

It’s a HEROIC 2+ mission, but you can do this solo – if you gear is poor use the buff terminal

Buff Terminal:
At the starting point you can find a terminal that will give you buffs from each of the Alliance Specialists.
(requires influence rank 3 for each buff)

tacticalAdmiral Agyo: Tactical Insight – Increasing your damage dealt
forceSana-Rae: Force Convocation – Increasing your Presence
epsilonHylo Visz: Epsilon Interference – Reducing the damage you receive
biosyntheticDoctor Oggurobb: Biosynthetic Acclimatization – Increasing your max health




Heroic Mode Achievements & Titles

“Liberator of….” – Achievements & Titles for destroying the Star Fortress in heroic mode
For each heroic mode Star Fortress on a different planet you complete, you will get a Liberator of …
Planet achievement and a title. For example, completing the Alderaan Star Fortress will reward you with
the title “Liberator of Alderaan”.

“You’re All Clear, Kid!”
Destroy the six Star Fortresses in Heroic Mode.
You get a legacy title “Galactic Liberator” and a new speeder called Star Fortress Commander.

“An End to the Exarchs”
Defeating the Exarch at the end of each Star Fortress heroic mode is rewarded with
the Sun Machine Reactor decoration.

“All For One”

Completing this achievement gives you the legacy title Fully Armed and Operational”
and 4 decorations

zakuulan-forcefocusZakuulan Force Focus
Portable-Zakuulan-SentryTurretPortable Zakuulan Sentry Turret
Zakuulan-Prototype-MedicalProbeZakuulan Prototype Medical Probe
XR9-Scrambler-Grenade-in-Suspension-ChamberXR-9 Scrambler Grenade in Suspension Chamber

“One for All”


Secret Achievements

“A Shrouded Vigil”
Look outside the Star Fortress windows with your Macrobinoculars and look for a MCR Droid.
This can be done in either solo or heroic mode. Reward: legacy Title “The Ever-Watchful”
(Requires the Achievement: “The Shroud’s Last Stand” >full mission guide – Empire<)
a-shrouded-vigil a-shrouded-vigil-achievement

“Zakuulan Devotee”
Devotional Text – kind of text books –  you can find these in both heroic and solo mode. Completing all 6
gives you the achievement “Zakuulan Devotee” and the legacy title “Follower of the Old Ways”.
There is one for every Star Fortress – not hard to find if you look carefully. Their locations are random.


“Fallen Knight
There are 4 named Paladins per Star Fortress but mostly only 1 or 2 show up per instance.
Their locations are random. You can find them all in Story Mode and/or Hard Mode. Killing all 24 Paladins
you will get the legacy title “Fallen Knight and Model Star Fortress decoration as reward.

Star Fortress Paladins List:


Secret Achievements – Heroic Mode

“When You Play With Fire…”

“Both Feet on the Ground”


Recruit Star Fortress Companions

Resistance Fighters
They are part of the “Battle for the Stars” storyline. Contacting and supporting them is required to unlock
the Star Fortress Heroic Mode for each planet.

Choza-RaabatChoza Raabat – Alderaan
KkrohlK’korohl – Belsavis
Hemdil-TreHemdil Tre – Hoth
RokussRokuss – Voss
deadeye-Leyta“Deadeye” Leyta – Tatooine
Veeroa-DenzVeeroa Denz –  Nar Shaddaa



Bunker locations Macrobinocular view:

scanning-alderaan scanning-belsavis scanning-hoth scanning-vossscanning-tatooinescanning-nar-shaddaa



Star Fortress Drops

Eternal Empire Recon Walker (heroic mode only)
The Exarch has a rare chance to drop this mount

Conquered Exarch’s Armor (heroic mode “Destroying The Star Fortress” only)
Completing each Star Fortress as part of the Battle for the Stars questline will grant you one piece
of the Conquered Exarch Armor unique to that specific planet.
There are 4 different styles
(Powered, Suberfuge, Armored, Meditation)

conquered-exarchs-armored-gear1 conquered-exarchs-armored-gear2 conquered-exarchs-armored-gear3

conquered-exarch-suberfuge1 conquered-exarch-suberfuge2 conquered-exarch-suberfuge3

Conquered-Exarch's-Meditation1 Conquered-Exarch's-Meditation2 Conquered-Exarch's-Meditation3


Decorations drop off the Paladins, Skytrooper Praetorian and the EPHERMIS Droid

Center-Mounted-Monitor-DisplayCenter-Mounted Monitor Display
Left-Mounted-Monitor-DisplayLeft-Mounted Monitor Display
Right-Mounted-Monitor-DisplayRight-Mounted Monitor Display
Factory-Welding-DroidFactory Welding Droid
Framed-Skytrooper-Chassis-RemainsFramed Skytrooper Chassis Remains
Incomplete-Skytrooper-ChassisIncomplete Skytrooper Chassis
Power-Condenser-TubePower Condenser Tube
Skytrooper-Model-Display-TubeSkytrooper Model Display Tube
Skytrooper-Praetorian-Armor-DisplaySkytrooper Praetorian Armor Display
Star-Fortress-Stasis-BunkStar Fortress Stasis Bunk
Wall-VentsWall Vents
Wall-Mounted-Power-ConverterWall-Mounted Power Converter

Wall-Mounted-Power-RegulatorWall-Mounted Power Regulator
Zakuulan Chair
Zakuulan-Computer-Console-Type-AZakuulan Computer Console Type A
Zakuulan-Computer-Console-Type-BZakuulan Computer Console Type B
Zakuulan-Hanging-Monitor-ArrayZakuulan Hanging Monitor Array

Zakuulan-Medical-BedZakuulan Medical Bed
Zakuulan-Meta-Computation-MachineZakuulan Meta-Computation Machine
Zakuulan-PilasterZakuulan Pilaster
Zakuulan-Shield-and-Force-PikesZakuulan Shield and Force Pikes
Zakuulan-Standing-Floor-LampZakuulan Standing Floor Lamp
Zakuulan-Tech-Wall-PanelZakuulan Tech Wall Panel


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