We Love the New Special Companions


Special Companions

This is Why We Love our New Special Companions.

Let me introduce our new Creature and Droid Companions.

They are available since the release of the expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. They are part of shipment 8, the Alliance packs and there are supposed to be more with later packs. They are creatures or droids. They are a little bit different than our usual companions.

They can do Tricks
Creatures and Droids have 3 combat roles just like any other Follower but they have no Crew Skills. Instead of that they are able to get 2 special Abilities called Tricks reaching influence rank 5 & 10. Each Companions has it’s own special tricks.

Akk Dog: “Speak” and “Play Dead “

Nexu: “Play Dead” (cats seem to have their own way to take orders;) “Preen”

Probe Droid: “Reboot Sequence” and “Celebration Sequence”


They are very rare
These special companions are cartel market exclusive and only available via cartel packs. They are very rare. If you are not lucky with your packs, you still have the chance to get them at the GTN. You can unlock your Companion Legacy wide with 400 Cartel Coins.

Creatures require a “Handler License”, Droids require an “Operator Requisition”. These items unlock a quest leading you to the Cartel Bazaar at Vaiken Spacedock (Empire)/Carrick Station (Republic). You just have to speak to Beastmaster Ricmar (creatures – Handler License) or Technician Phre’ne (Droids – Operator Requisition). Completing the quest will unlock your special Companion with Influence rank 1.


They have special needs
Their Influence rank system work as usual, but they are very particular with gifts.  There are old gifts that work, but they are less effective because they just “like” it.

Our new special Companions prefer new special gifts. Creatures “love” Delicacies and Droids “love” Maintenance. You can get these new gifts from quest rewards, from “Commander’s Share of the loot” crates or you can simply buy it from the Scrap Peddlers. You find them located at the Cartel Bazaar or you can also use the Decoration Vendors.

>Full Special Companion Guide<


Akk Dog, Nexu or Probe Droid ?
My personal favourite is the Nexu or the Akk Dog? This is almost impossible for me to decide and I’m looking forward for more of these special Companions. I really hope the next one (Gonk Droid) is coming as announced with the Research Alliance Pack.






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