obsessed with achieving immortality, the Sith Emperor has targeted his own former subjects on the planet Ziost

facing the upcoming danger keiyasha leaves the battleground, heading Ziost space station

accessing Ziost space station, she wants to stop the chaos toghether again with both, Lana Beniko and Theron Shan

Ziost is in a state of chaos as innocent civilians are targeted by possessed pawns of the Sith Emperor. his presence is overwhelming

an unbelievable devastation started and the Emperor’s power growing with every death …

Keiyasha and her companions feel defeated and useless to see Ziost turning dead

have to go down there to see what could be done …

heading to ziost ground zero

rishi coast

rishi waterside

rishi reefrock

rishi wreck

rishi wreck

Oricon lavaflow

Oricon desert

Oricon dark woods

Oricon fortress burning

Oricon dread rock

Oricon dark palace

Oricon dark entrance

Oricon ancestry

Se’eed discovering Oricon

ziost landing zone

Ziost devastated lands

Ziost rock

Ziost ancient relics

Nazral clearing Ziost

illum deep shades

rage on Illum


Illum perfect moons

illum starfall

Illum plateau

Illum corona

Illum frozen sea

inspiring Illum

travel Illum

voss in the sky

voss hills

voss path

voss-kaa up in the sky

Voss taxi

voss temple hill view

voss temple ruins

yavin remains

yavin rainbow

yavin cascade

yavin waterfall scenery

yavin cataract

yavin swamp view

Makeb Alboro Mesa under the bridge

Makeb Solida Hesks Estate

Makeb Frinn Mesa

Makeb Sunken Pool cascade

Makeb Satellite Controle

Makeb Perekta Mesa

Visiting Makeb drill site

Makeb the Sanctuary

Makeb the Sanctuary 1